Christopher Rivera

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Professional Hockey Player for the HC Fribourg-Gotteron (LNA) since 2015
Player for the Geneva Servette Hockey Club (LNA) from 2003 to 2015

Dr. Michel Matter’s Neurovision Consulting team greatly helped me to recover from a concussion. Although I had stopped training for months, I was able to resume training only two weeks after starting a rehabilitation program.

I first underwent testing at the Rive Ophthalmologic Centre. The Neurovision Consulting Team tested my eyesight, my visual strategy, and my ability to perceive things around me. Quite a few deficiencies in my vision were detected. Further testing was then done at the Neurovision Consulting Centre. The first test (NeuroMinder) was very difficult for me. Afterwards, Romain Bordas carried out a test involving balls in 3D that went in all directions!

I admit that I was puzzled at first but as the neurostimulation sessions went by, my perceptions related to peripheral vision improved and the difficulties resulting from my concussion disappeared.

Romain quickly put me at ease, and showed me that my concussion did not have to take the upper hand and determine my life. The initial tests showed deficiencies but as I advanced into the treatment program, my performance on the ice showed that I was gradually recovering from my concussion.

Since then, I have gained confidence and I play in a more relaxed way. I often pointed out to Romain that some plays were the result of my work with Neurovision Consulting.

Then I had a slight relapse in December 2015. The first thing I did was to call Romain. We started working together again and my visual perception rapidly improved with a direct effect on my performance.

The Neurovision Consulting team is undoubtedly the first group of people I would call if I suffered another concussion, as I fully trust them. They helped me out of a situation that I would not wish on anyone. I recommend Neurovision Consulting to all those who are suffering from a concussion. Their treatment is innovative! I have already recommended them several times for some of my injured teammates.

Thanks to Neurovision Consulting, I have discovered new aspects about my vision and brain. I feel much more efficient mentally during a match. I can differentiate my teammates more easily and I can better anticipate when opponents are coming towards me.

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