Sébastien Beaulieu

  • Founder and Head Coach of BKPerformance
  • Graduated in Sport and Fitness Management at the Université de Laval (Québec, Canada)
  • Goalkeeping coach for the Geneva Servette Hockey Club, the Lausanne Hockey Club and Ingolstadt
  • Goalkeeping coach for the French National Ice Hockey Teams (M16, M18, M20, Women and Seniors))
  • Owner of the goalie preparation camp « Evolutech » in Leysin

First of all, I have to say that the athletes have unanimously appreciated the medical management proposed by Neurovision Consulting. In addition to the professional skills provided, the players felt a strong, sustained and personal commitment from everyone involved. I think the analysis phase is extremely thorough, and it clearly enables goalkeepers to measure their level of visual efficiency. Furthermore, all the athletes have clearly improved their performance following the implementation of the Neurovision Consulting program.

The screening tests were essential, and the correlation is obvious between “weaknesses” obtained in the different tests and problems observed on the ice. It was thus possible to address specific problems related to vision (often peripheral or perception of diagonals) instead of, for example, trying hard to correct errors initially thought of being due to improper body mechanics and positioning.

Visual efficiency is recognized as a key element for a goalkeeper’s performance. Goalkeepers are now aware of the importance of developing the various aspects that can improve their performance (physical and technical training, but also perception and cognitive aspects). On the whole, results obtained on the vision tests give a clear indication of the athlete’s general performance level. The measured improvement makes it possible to define new technical and tactical objectives, once on the ice. It is indeed possible to modify a strategy or some specific gestures, based on the approach and results from Neurovision Consulting.

The more the athletes develop their visual abilities, the more relaxed they are, which is a significant advantage in a reactive position such as a goalie’s. There is a direct link between visual abilities and relaxation, and therefore with the ability to produce a mechanically pure gesture without muscle tension disturbances or the activation of an antagonistic muscle.

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The positive aspects

of Neurovision Consulting


  • Accurate assessment of the athlete’s visual skills
  • Establishment of a desirable level of vision
  • Understanding specificities and visual impairments. Therefore, modifing, correcting or adapting the assessment and the technical development.


Overall, the goalkeepers feel more confident about their ability to see the puck… to be patient before taking a risk, which greatly affects their efficiency.


The personalized approach proposed by Neurovision Consulting stimulates and enables the athletes to refine their psychological state, such as focus, refocus, resiliency, regularity… essential improvements!


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