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Jean-marc lhermet - ASM’s Sports Manager (Sports Association of Montferrand-Rugby Club)

We have been working with Romain since 2011, and also with Frédéric who has since joined him. This team has perfectly understood the characteristics of the rugby world.

They have been able to adapt their work to the significant constraints of our organisation in a very appropriate manner.

Their relationships and expertise have allowed strong support of the entire team in this project.

Their interpersonal skills and their competency have generated a strong commitment from the whole team for this project.

Vision is a key element in our sport.

Our players’ healthy vision is crucial, particularly for specific field positions. The tests carried out alerted us on some special cases and reassured us in other cases.

When required, corrective actions and programs were established.

Without any doubt, the information provided by Neurovision Consulting has led to a better medical care for our athletes, and has also yielded helpful data for the optimization of our players’ performance.

It is difficult to objectively measure the impact of the visual care and training provided, but feedback from the players is very positive.

The most positive points to be noted are:
  • Complementary relationship between with the ASM’s medical and athletics staff.
  • Adaptability to the players’ constraints.
  • Efficiency


A key figure in the “yellow and blue” club

Jean-Marc Lhermet is a key figure of the “yellow and blue” club. Player duty incredible defender selected in Team France between 1990 and 1993. He founded and is the head of the ASM training center before returning to the professional team since 2004 to occupy the post of Sporting Director. He is also Vice-President of the Club and member of the Board of Directors.

  • Jean-Marc Lhermet
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