Eliot Antonietti

  • Professional Hockey Player for the Geneva Servette Hockey Club (LNA) since 2010
  • 75 participations in the National Junior Team, including at the world championship in 2013 (U20)
  • Winner of the Sprengler Cup in 2013 and 2014

I heard of Neurovision Consulting though Frédéric Iglesias who plays in my team at the GSHC. He explained his work and I was immediately interested.

First, I was very well received by the Neurovision team, and even though the tests lasted a long time, I learned a lot of things about my vision. The most striking test for me was the test analysing the ability of the eyes to move around an image, and especially the speed at which I was able to take in information.

The initial assessment revealed small imperfections in my vision. Since then, I have been wearing glasses to correct for these deficiencies.

We then started neurostimulation sessions. The first sessions went well and I quickly improved. The first few times were difficult, but I quickly learned to be patient and to concentrate more. I realized that my vision field was expanding and that my brain was able to slow down what I perceived.

Neurovision Consulting has helped me to anticipate things on the ice. I no longer need to constantly look for the players, because I can anticipate their movements, and therefore I can save my energy for more important times. It is easier for me to see the rebounds of the puck when not in a flat position or when hitting the boards. I can see better around me and I gain a lot of time knowing where my teammates are, thus gaining precious seconds in my game decisions. I now have a greater amount of concentration and I can go sixty minutes of play with all my mental abilities.

Finally, Neurovision has helped me with anticipating the players’ movements and I know in advance where they are going to move

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I therefore wish to recommend Neurovision
for several reasons:


  • A very good management of patients;
  • The ability to improve visual field and perception;
  • The help with anticipating the opponents’ actions and movements and therefore making it easier to block their game.


The Neurovision Consulting team develops customized programs that enable all elite athletes to improve their performance. Personally, I have improved a lot of things in my game and it's a different approach from a purely physical training, which is very motivating.


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