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A unique immersion vault in europe

The latest generation technology for the best 3d stimulation.

An indispensable neurostimulation program designed for the preparation and monitoring of athletes and professional elites in order to improve their performance. A customized program to assess:
  • the central processing of peripheral visual field afferents
  • the processing speed of the sensory informations
  • the decision making (professional & elite athletes)
  • attention ability and potential
  • anticipation of kinetic chain movements (sports elite)
  • the evolution of the athlete’s cognitive state
  • improvement in multitasking
  • the development of an optimal exploratory visual strategy
  • posttraumatic monitoring and its optimization


Natural development of the visual field

Very solicited during the first few months of life, the peripheral visual field is then less stimulated, while central (macular) gradually develops.

Neurovision Consulting stimulates the peripheral visual field and brain areas dedicated to it, and creates a customized protocol to address specific needs for each individual.



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